North Dakota DOES NOT  have a Senate seat up for election in 2020

Current Senators:

Kevin Cramer (R) since 2019

[2024 re-election]  -  Ideology/Voting History

John Hoeven (R) since 2011

[2022 re-election]    Ideology/Voting History

North Dakota has chosen to make mail-in or drop-off the procedure for this election.


NOTE: A "valid form of identification" is required: (even by mail!), a ballot can be mailed or taken to a

'drop off location' by 4 p.m., June 9, 2020.


See "Why are some Not Included?"

page (under Why this Site? in the menu) for rationale in deciding not to show a candidate on this site


C = Constitution

D = Democrat

I = Independent

L = Libertarian

R = Republican



Kelly Armstrong (R)

(Official website)

Began Service: 2011

Ideology Graph showing ideology, ratings, voting patterns, etc, while in office.

President Trump Supporter


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in Republican Primary,

but will be facing the  democrat (from that primary) in the November General Election.

Your vote CAN help KEEP this House seat Conservative!